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Hey, Health Coach! Are you ready to get this list-building party started?

Do you want to gain visibility in this crowded market and show everyone what a rockstar you are?

There’s no doubt that running free challenges for your peeps is the best way to do both.

You need a stylin’ Opt-in Freebie that’s going to attract attention, add insane value, and get your ideal clients excited about what you have to offer.

The days of a single opt-in freebie hanging out on one corner of your website are OVER. You need multiple opt-ins to grow that list and get people in the door.

A free challenge is T-H-E tool you need to make it happen.

  • Grow your online community & build relationships FAST

  • Build the hype around your services and get your audience EXCITED

  • Lead your challengers into your 1:1 offerings with EASE

And guess what, sister?

I’ve got 2 awesome DONE FOR YOU challenges, ready for you to buy, brand and build your list.

These Done For You Challenges are for the coach who wants to step up their game and go PRO.

Imagine running a challenge and leading your client to your program, 1:1 coaching or product.
Or running a challenge leading up to your webinar and opening the cart for your online program that night.

Imagine having a gorgeous, free offer to build your business offline and get clients.

It’s time to step up your opt-in game and start offering multiple freebies.

With a sleek, online challenge, you expect results like these:

  • Eager participants signing up like crazy
  • Growing your email list by the tens or even hundreds
  • Booking more discovery calls with people who know, like, and trust you because of the amazing value of your challenge
  • Growing an online community (hello Facebook group!) full of your ideal clients
  • Filling your 1:1 practice, or selling out your programs like a BOSS.

Offer these programs online, offline, at workshops, spas, as opt-ins or bonus material. The options are seriously endless.

What are you waiting for?

Maybe you’ve bought my Detox or other Done For You Programs and need another freebie to engage your peeps.

Maybe you don’t need to buy an entire program right now and would rather just focus on growing that list like a mofo.

Either way, you want a done for you solution, and you want to go a la carte.

Well, we heard you loud and clear! So, we’re offering these individual challenges so you can rock out your irresistible opt-in offers.

Smoothie Challenge


Give people a tasty dose of smoothie goodness with this 14-day challenge.

The package includes:

  • A step-by-step e-guide with healthy lifestyle tips
  • A detailed shopping list
  • Delicious smoothie recipes galore
  • As a bonus, your peeps get 3 days of clean eating recipes, plus a suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • All of the backend tools you need to run your challenge and grow your email list:
    • A Mini sales page
    • Welcome & follow-up letters
    • Social media graphics
    • And more

Smoothie Challenge

5 Day Clean Eating Challenge


Give your audience the jumpstart they need to feel freakin’ amazing.

The package includes:

  • A 25-page e-guide packed with healthy eating & mindset tips
  • 16 tasty clean eating recipes to tempt the tastebuds
  • A detailed shopping list
  • A suggested meal guide with 5 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options
  • Bonus checklists to keep your peeps on track
  • All of the backend tools you need to run your challenge and grow your email list:
    • Mini sales page
    • Welcome & follow-up letters
    • Social media graphics
    • And more

Business Builders




Building your list & signature sales funnel just got a whole lot easier.

The package includes:

  • A fresh, festive Healthy Holiday Survival e-Guide
  • Inside the e-Guide: A 4-Day Post-Holiday Healthy Reset Plan
  • Time-saving shopping list
  • A simple checklist
  • Gorgeous 2D & 3D covers
  • 3 Irresistible banners
  • 5 Stunning social media images

PLUS you get everything you need to set up a successful sales funnel that leads your ideal clients from Step 1 (opting-in) all the way to purchasing your next program.

  • A guaranteed to CONVERT opt-in page
  • A beautiful welcome letter
  • 2 trust-building followup emails
  • 4 Mailchimp Made Easy Classes
  • How to launch a Facebook event
  • AND my NEW Facebook Group Engagement Guide



Building your list & signature sales funnel just got a whole lot easier.

The package includes:

  • A Skinny Black Dress e-Guide (24 pages and over 3,000 words)  fully loaded with healthy tips to shed unwanted weight and get your female clients into the dress of their dreams.
  • Inside the e-Guide: A 7-Day Sexy Body Plan with 21 delicious mouthwatering recipes to help your ladies get sexier with every bite.
  • Time-saving shopping list, because let’s face it, women are too busy juggling everything else to sit down and make another list they have to check off.
  • Personal 7 Day Food Diary with affirmations to help your clients track their progress and learn what action steps gets them results.
  • Simple Handout for Making Shopping and planning your trip to the market easy.
  • Skinny Drinks Handout to help your clients slim down faster with easy to prep drinks.
  • Gorgeous 2D & 3D covers because you deserve to steal their hearts with a professional first impression.
  • 3 Irresistible banners to use in your email headers, Facebook events, and your Facebook groups.
  • 5 Stunning social media images to help you create a buzz about your challenge with some sassy style.

PLUS you get everything you need to set up a successful challenge to grow your list or tripwire into some quick cash.

  • A guaranteed to CONVERT opt-in page written by my own word slingin’ copywriter.
  • A beautiful welcome letter to begin your coach-client relationship with ease.
  • 2 trust-building follow-up emails to encourage participation in your Facebook group, show off your expertise, and upsell your ladies into something more.
  • 4 Mailchimp Made Easy Classes to help you launch like a pro, even if you aren’t tech savvy.
  • And… a step by step challenge rules, so you know how to rock out your challenge with ease.


The Complete Email Funnel System for Health Coaches, Designed to Make You Money and Save You Time.

The package includes:

  • 5 email launch sequence: The wrong words just waste space, time, and clicks. These emails SELL. I know. I use them.
  • 2 pre-marketing emails: Show off your expertise and carefully prime your audience to buy.
  • 1 reminder email: Fill your webinars with people excited to hear your message.
  • 2 relationship-building, motivational emails: Move your audience from “Is this for me?” to “I want to buy NOW!”
  • 2 webinar reminder emails: Encourage everyone who signed up to your webinar to show up LIVE.
  • 4 coupon reminder emails: Clients love coupons – 50% are more likely to buy from you if you give one. Knowing how to work them and hitting your clients with the right message can drive your sales through the roof. These four reminder emails hit home with the right words at the right time.

PLUS These Bonuses

  • Bonus video training: Find out how to use marketing psychology to SELL in your emails. Use carefully-written emails to create a frenzy of eager anticipation and provoke your audience to take immediate action to buy. My top copywriter will show you how.
  • Health Coach Email Playbook Checklist: helping you nail down your client pain points, master your story….so you can infuse your message into your email marketing system.
  • Private group access: Join hundreds of health coaches in my exclusive mastermind community. We rock out business ideas, launch plans, and strategize 24/7/365.

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it.

These stand-alone products give you the professional edge you need with the flexibility you want.

Run these bad boys as interactive challenges OR simply gift your subscribers with a killer package that gets them excited about healthy living. And about booking your services.

Don’t wait to get started with list building, sister. It’s the bread n’ buttah of your business.